Visit 4 Most Popular Attractions in Copenhagen with Allegiant Airlines Flights

Are you looking for the best Allegiant Airlines flights so that you can visit Copenhagen on a pocket-sized budget? If yes, then you are at the right spot. We are here to help you at each step of your itinerary planning.

Allegiant Airlines Flights

Given below is a list of all the major attractions that are a must-visit when you reach Copenhagen. So, let’s read about them in detail here:

City Hall Square

It is one of the main and tallest buildings in Copenhagen. Its height reaches 105.6 m and you can visit it anytime as the Entrance is free. The visitors can climb the tower and see Copenhagen from above. At the City Hall, the visitors can easily recognize the Absalom dressed in bishop’s robes. The Hall is constructed in the national romantic style. It is surrounded by tall buildings and hemmed in by two avenues. This Hall Square is a hive of activity.


Grab top tickets with Allegiant Airlines reservations to Christiana. Christiania is not simply a town and rather a way of living. However, Christiana has its own set of rules to maintain the peace which is based on off idealistic “hippy” views. The community of this place is very vegan and vegetarian-friendly. But you can also find meat here. You will see the chilled neighbourhood full of cosy cafes, beautiful nature and open-minded people.

Copenhagen Zoo

You can meet more than 4000 amazing animals. You may get Goosebumps from close encounters with polar bears. Learn lots of wild animal facts and enjoy delicious food. Excited to visit this amazing place? Come and discover a whole new world to explore at Zoo Copenhagen with the best Allegiant Airlines Deals.

Rosenberg Palace

Book your tickets online for Rosenberg Castle. It was built by the Christian IV whose colourful personality left a strong mark on Danish history. Explore some of the kingdom’s greatest treasures. The basement is like a home to the crown jewels and the royal crowns. It has authentic and well-preserved rooms which invite you to step back in time and visit the king’s private writing room and chambers.

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