Must-Pack Items for Hostel Stay While Traveling Abroad

A hostel packing sounds pretty easy until you actually start packing. Very soon you’ll be overwhelmed with ideas about what to pack and what to leave behind. Hence, the reason why this blog is made is to help you with your hostel packing checklist while traveling abroad!

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Follow are the ‘must-have’ hostel packing items:

1.  Earplugs– Must have earplugs, you don’t know what kind of roommate you’ll have, maybe one who snores louder than normal!

2.  Sleeping mask- Or an eye mask is important (for a flight journey as well!)

3.  Packing cubes– They are seriously great as they are super easy to pack your stuff and serves for multi-purpose.

4.  Noise-canceling headphones– They are useful not only in flights and trains but also in hostel dorms when things get too loud to handle.

5.  Smaller Backpack– Go for backpacks that are not over-sized, but just the right size to fit in all your essential travel items as well as one you can take as carry-on in your flight.

6.  Padlock- A padlock is one of the must-haves if you are staying in a hostel to keep your valuables safe. Remember, you are in a hostel surrounded by people you’ve never met before.

7.  Travel Towel– A small, light-weight, and quick-dry towel is an essential travel item while staying in a hostel.

8.  USB Multi charger- A USB multi-portable charger is a must for a more convenient hostel-stay.

And remember, it is better to go prepared and be safe, rather than be sorry later because you were too busy to take these tips to heart!

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How to Go About Like a Pro Before You Board a Plane

When you have a flight journey ahead, you tend to feel a sense of nervous excitement. Some people don’t particularly enjoy spending hours at the airport. However, if you have the right tricks up your sleeve, your time in the airport will turn out better than you expected. And this blog is all about how well you do it!

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Here are some simple tips for you to spend your time in the airport like a pro:

1.     Make sure you arrive early to avoid unnecessary stress.

2.   Download videos, movies, e-books or music onto your phone or i-pad to keep you entertained.

3.    Bring healthy snacks to eat.

4.    Move around the airport and explore.

5.    Pack a reusable water bottle to avoid buying water inside the airport.

6.    Dress in layers to adjust to the environment.

7.    Be well-organized.

8.    Size up your bags before coming to the airport.

9.    Wear comfortable clothing.

10.    Take an Immune Supplement.

If you follow these simple airport tips, you are good to go! And, don’t hesitate to ask people for directions when in need.

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