Explore historic sites in Pittsburgh with Allegiant Airlines

Pittsburgh is a place full of historic sites and wonders. There are a lot of things you can explore and experience here. However, narrowing down your searches can be equally daunting and challenging. In order to help you explore the best places, we have listed down below some popular sites in Pittsburg that is worth including in your bucket list. But before that, have you booked your tickets yet? Allegiant Airlines official site has amazing discount offers going on and you should check them out before it is too late!

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Carnegie Museum of Natural History

If you are traveling with kids, then this museum will be the best way to start your trip to Pittsburgh. There are real and actual dinosaur fossil samples here, and you will be delighted to see your little one’s eyes go wide with wonder as they see them! You will get in-depth and expert knowledge about the discoveries and many more.

Allegheny Observatory

The Allegheny Observatory is over 150 years old. You can view the beautiful and captivating visuals of the universe and space with your feet on the ground. The machinery and equipment they have are of course state of the art and that takes the whole deal to another level. Book Allegiant  Airlines flights to explore more about this place.

Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium

Another amazing site is the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium. It’s an absolute destination for animal lovers, you can get a glimpse of frogs with poison darts, capuchin monkeys, sharks, seahorses, and sea otters. One can find here unique species of flora and fauna not present anywhere else. This place will surely bring out your curiosity for nature and make you want to learn more!

The Abandoned Street: Lincoln Way

Wind up your trip by visiting this creepy Lincoln Way or the Abandoned Street. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, this place is sure to give you goosebumps. Now that you have known everything about these amazing places, you can make your reservations with allegiant airlines reservations if you want to get the best deal for your next trip.

Amazing Perks for Frequent Fliers of Allegiant Airlines

Check out these perks if you are among those frequent fliers with Allegiant Airlines:

Great Upgrades

Did you know what your benefits are when you fly frequently with the same airlines? You end up earning some points or miles when you have booked your tickets with the same airlines for a number of occasions. Travelers have the option to use their miles to upgrade to first class or business class especially when they are flying with Allegiant Airlines flights. Signing up for membership today can be worthy because you can upgrade your seats with the miles earned for both domestic and international flights.

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1.  Grab Deals Beyond Airfare
The exciting feature of being a frequent flyer is that the rewards are unlimited. You can actually apply your points for your hotel stays, vacation packages, rental cars and many more. Allegiant Airlines official site has an extensive network with many rental agencies and hotels, and this can come handy for you in fulfilling your travel needs while you are away from home.

2.  Easy check-in
The basic benefit of being a frequent flyer is that it allows the airline to store all of your information and when you book a flight with Allegiant Airlines, you will only need your login information. This will save your time and set you up to earn points for other benefits. You will get priority check in, boarding and security.
3.  Flight Amenities
Allegiant Airlines reservations allow their passengers to redeem their points for flight related charges such as baggage and seat reservation fees. If you have a lot of baggage, then it is worth signing up for the program to avoid unnecessary fees. So, what are you waiting for? Make your bookings and enjoy unlimited benefits.
4. VIP Treatment
Allegiant airlines are well known for remaining loyal to its loyal customers. They offer you discounted Admirals Club membership. The Admirals club lounges is a fantastic treat when you arrive at the airport early. The lounge offer food, drinks and comforts thereby adding more value to your travel experience.

Manage your Allegiant Airlines Reservations and fly to Lima this autumn

Peru’s capital, Lima is best experienced in autumn. The spellbinding coastline, rich histories of architecture and art and of course the scrumptious food will make anyone take a week off and fly to Lima. If you are one such traveler, we have just the guide for you to help you book the best deals with Allegiant Airlines flights ! When you choose to fly to Lima or anywhere in the world with Allegiant Airlines, you ensure a safe and easy journey for yourself.

Allegiant Airlines Reservations

Here are three ways in which you can use simple and time-saving methods set in place by Allegiant Airlines flights to book tickets with them:

1.  Use Allegiant Airlines official website

Go to the Allegiant Airlines official site and you will find the option to look for tickets and book them in a few minutes. Keep all the documents and other information handy so that you can enter the details in the correct way. The best part about booking directly with an airline like this is that you can get expert advice on tickets and cut down on your expenses as well. Moreover, you can look for deals and trip plans to suit you right here.

2.  Use Allegiant Airlines App
If using search engines for booking tickets is not your cup of tea that is alright because for Allegiant Airlines reservations, they have an official app as well. All you need to do is go to the Play Store app on your phone and install it. From there, booking tickets is a piece of cake!

3.  Contact Allegiant Airlines Customer Care
Often, there is just not enough time or energy to open apps or websites to book tickets. And if you have a lot of questions and doubts with regards to the booking process, it is in your best interest to simply pick up the phone and give the customer care team of Allegiant Airlines a call  on 1-833-781-8455. They will guide you through the entire process and you can manage your flights tickets easily. You can also ask them about current deals and offers that the airlines has so as to save money.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and check out different Allegiant Airlines deals and grab the best to do advance booking for your trip to Lima in upcoming autumn and spend some quality time with your family.

Ways to Check In and Get a Boarding Pass with Allegiant Airlines Flights

Have you done Allegiant Airlines reservations and are looking for ways to do check-in? If yes, we are here to help you by providing all the details about different ways to check-in and get a boarding pass in a hassle-free manner:

1.  From Allegiant Airlines official site
You can check in on your computer up to 24 hours before departure. Then select the “Check-in” option or go to ‘MY TRIPS’ in your Allegiant account. You are required to enter your confirmation number or SkyMiles number to access your itinerary. Now, you can print your boarding pass to get an onboarding pass on your device. Web check-in speeds up your process by offering you the option to check-in and print your boarding pass directly from your computer. The e-boarding pass will also be sent to your email by the airline.

Allegiant Airlines Reservations

2.   Fly with Allegiant App
Download and open the Fly Allegiant App. You can check-in as a guest or login or register for a Skymiles account. From there, you can access your trips by adding your trip confirmation number. You will be automatically checked in 24 hours before your Allegiant Airlines flights when you are logged in. Then you see and print your boarding pass.

3.  Airport Kiosk
If you did not have fly Allegiant app, you can use the Allegiant airport kiosk to check-in quickly into your flight or print your boarding pass. When you arrive, follow the prompts on the kiosk to enter your confirmation number in order to access your trip and print your boarding pass.

4.  Airport Curbside
If you want to check-in as early as possible at the airport, find an Allegiant Curbside desk located at passenger drop off. You can check-in from 30 minutes to 4 hours before the scheduled departure time. You can check your baggage directly and if you are bringing over-sized baggage you may have to bring it inside to an oversized baggage area. You will need your photo ID and your flight’s reservations code, flight number destination to check-in.

5.  Ticket counter check-in
You may check-in for your Allegiant Airlines flights at the airport ticket counter from 30 minutes to 4 hours before the scheduled departure time and receive a printed boarding pass. You can also check bags, pay bag fees, change or select your seat at the counter.

How to Modify Your Existing Allegiant Airlines Reservations?

Sometimes travelers cannot make the Allegiant Airlines flights as they have planned. They need to change the plans and existing reservations to a new date and time. Passengers traveling with Allegiant Airlines can change their flight reservation easily. All they have to do is call Allegiant Airlines phone number to change their tickets at any time of day at   1-833-781-8455 and requesting a change in their reserved ticket may cost you a few bucks.

Allegiant Airlines phone number

However, the fee varies depending on the ticket.   Same-day flight changes :

1)   You can change an Allegiant Airlines reservations to a different time on the same day and it costs less. Also, customers can request a same-day flight change or standby online via their official website or at a self-service kiosk or even at the flight ticket counter.

2)   Same-day flight change fees may waive for customers that are flying with business, first-class or unrestricted economy class, Airpass tickets, Allegiant Airlines Advantage executive platinum status.

For this purpose:
 Click on the view/ change reservation tab on the home page of Allegiant Airlines official site. You can log in with your Allegiant Airlines Advantage number and password. Then, you need to click on the “Continue“ tab. If your flight is permitted to be changed, there will be a red “change flight “ tab on which you will have to click.
 After that, you can select your new flight criteria and click on the “Go” tab.
 A confirmation of your changes will be emailed to you on your mail-id.

If you cannot change your Allegiant Airlines reservations online, you can take the help of the airline’s customer service. For this purpose, you are required to call on the Allegiant airlines helpline number. For switching to a same-day reservation, you can also call on their helpline number which is available for 24 hours. You may also take the help of one of the airport representatives within the airport for changing your reservation. They will try their best to satisfy you if you talk nicely to them. l

If you did not book your ticket directly from their website, a fee may be applied. It is only possible if you booked your ticket through the third-party website or travel agent. So, it is recommended to check with them first for change options before modifying your existing reservations.

Know the Complete Pet Travel Policy with Allegiant Airlines Reservations

As pets are the important members of the family and in order to ensure their safety and comfort, you should prefer buying tickets for Allegiant Airlines flights. Just be sure to prepare yourself and your pet for a potential journey.

Allegiant Airlines Phone Number

Given below are all the essential points about the pet travel policy that you need to know.

  • In-cabin pets

With Allegiant Airlines, domesticated dogs, cats, birds may travel accompanied in the aircraft cabin on most flights. Also, Trained animals are allowed in the cabin to guide travelers with disabilities. For this, a charge of $125 each way will be added to your ticket. For other pets, cargo facility is available as they are not permitted in the cabin. You can call for Allegiant Airlines Phone Number in advance at 1-833-781-8455 to arrange for the person board. The most important factor to note is that pets are accepted on a first come first serve basis.

  • Age

Your pet must be at least 4 months and their carrier must fit comfortably under your seat. Your pet ace tier will be count as a piece of carrying on luggage. Other important information is that your pet must be at least 10 weeks for domestic flights as well as 15 to 16 weeks old if traveling to the US or European Union travel from inter countries.

  • Carrier

Your pet should travel in a ventilated container. This container must be strong enough to protect your pet during flight and should have a large space enough to stand, turn around and lie down. One thing you should keep in mind while traveling with domesticated pets is that no more than two pets are allowed in each kennel and dogs and cats cannot travel in the same kennel exception of small birds and two of them are permitted per carrier. Any two pets having the same breed and size between the age of 10 weeks and 6 months may be allowed to travel in 1 kennel. They will be charged as one pet.

  • Allegiant Airlines club pets

Allegiant Airlines deals and policies are the same as if you are on-board the aircraft in case you visit an Allegiant Airlines flights with your carry-on pet. Your pet must be in an appropriate carrier. Customer care representative may help you in locating a pet relief area.